R. LAPID'S CHICHARON & BARBECUE was founded by MR. REY C. LAPID in 1974. It started in a small stall along R. Hidalgo in Quiapo, Manila. The founder set his goal to supply and deliver pork and chicken barbecue, longganisa, tocino and chicharon, as its main line of products to retail stores, movie houses, supermarkets, offices and bars. During that time, he was a NACIDA (National Cottage Industries Development Authority) registered as processor of food including chicharon at 485 Verdad Street Sampaloc, Manila.

In 1991 the business re-opened at G. Tuazon corner D. Santiago in Sampaloc, Manila. And in 1995, to enable to expand its operation, R. Lapid's moved to Pres. Quirino Ave., in Paco Manila wherein a different method of preparing chicharon products was introduced using new technology. The system of cooking was redesigned and standardized to upgrade product quality, and create a unique taste suited to the demand of the consuming public. It also added Chicken and Pork Barbecue in its product line.

After its inclusion in the file of National Library as Registered Copyright Claimant in 1996, the slogan "Laging Bagong Luto" of R. Lapid's was born. To meet the expectations of its consumers, R. Lapid's consistently serves deliciously tasty barbecue and crispy newly puffed chicharon at its best quality. The taste of the vinegar that go with the chicharon was improved by cooking and adding fresh garlic. Additional "chili" chicharon was offered to its customers and was accepted with notable commendations.

To further improve its product quality, R. Lapid's has begun importing its raw materials from the United States, Europe, and other neighboring countries in 1996. In the same year, R. Lapid's opened its first branch at G. Tuazon Sampaloc, Manila followed by ten (10) more outlets within Metro Manila to serve the increasing number of Chicharon lovers.

A great opportunity was gained by R. Lapid's when it received the "Gintong Sikap Award" from the Federation of Filipino Consumers, Inc. in recognition of its remarkable increase of sales in its first mall outlet at SM South Mall, Las Piñas. The award was the key in the development of good relationship with the SM Management which eventually led to the establishment of ten (10) more additional SM outlets at the end of 1998. It was in the same year that R. Lapid's received a Certificate of Recognition from the SM Management for Consistent Observance of Cleanliness, Safety and Sanitation.

The first Provincial outlet located in Calamba, Laguna was opened on January of 1999 followed by an outlet in San Fernando Pampanga, Baguio City, Tagaytay and Lipa, Batangas. Also in this year, R. Lapid's introduced the Free Delivery Service to reach its customers at the convenience of their home.

With such fast and increasing demand of chicharon and continuous growing of avid consumers, R Lapid's decided to look for a bigger and modern place that can sustain the needed requirements of production and in 2004 inaugurated the plant site located at Km. 25 East Service Road, NLEX Lawang Bato, Valenzuela City. The challenge to compete with prominent brands in the city that is popular for chicharon makers comes the idea of opening an outlet in the Queen City of the South (CEBU) on July 2007. This was followed by opening addtional outlets in the area to impart Cebuanos to change their ways of eating kind of chicharon.

A genuine Filipino entrepreneur, with passion to deliver to its customers high-quality products, R. Lapid's has passed with flying colors the test brought about stiff competitions, great sacrifices and hardships. However, after seven years, it has outlets serving not only its loyal customers but, in its modest way, contributing to the improvement of the country's economy.

Notwithstanding, the Company also been active in participating different food and business exhibitions and even in sponsoring and joining different prestigious events which gives the Company the opportunity to expand its sales with new prospects and network with various professionals nationwide; its instrumental in promoting products and services, and in analyzing the Company's impact to the market. R. Lapid's also aims to promote social commitment, the quest to be committed with those who are in need, thus enjoying its countless contribution to the community through continuous sponsorship and active participation in corporate, social and charitable activities.

R. Lapid's is not stopping here. It is taking its steps to continuously modernize its facilities, develop more products, make its systems more effective, and most importantly, harness more the capabilities of its human resources with the end in view of serving its customers from the four corners of the Philippines and into the global market.

The processing and manufacturing plant has been accredited by the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS), with “AA” accreditation and GMP certified as an Importer and Meat Processor. Permits and licenses in National and Local government agencies are also complied annually. In view of our commitment to venture globally and internationally in the field of food business and our vision to maintain high quality of products and services, a new Corporation to be known as R. L. FOODS CORP., with the founder as President of the Company, was incorporated and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and shall now be the Owner and Operator of R. LAPID’S CHICHARON AND BARBECUE.